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Cloud 9 transport company, has been present for decades in the transport of goods in the United States, and has quickly and easily transferred its experience to European roads.
We specialize in all types of bulk liquid food products as well as full load transportation, serving both domestic and international market.

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cloud9 logistic

50 years of experience in the transportation

Money saved

Satisfied customers

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Why Cloud 9

cloud9 logistic

Cloud 9 is a new name on the Serbian market, but behind that name is a perfectly coordinated team with extensive experience in the international transport of goods.

If you are looking for a partner in international transport and logistics, there are 9 good reasons to choose us:

All doors are
open for us

Trucks with Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission class engines deliver your goods across Europe without restrictions.

We keep the quality
of your goods

Our sterilized stainless steel tanks safely deliver your goods without changing the quality.


Experienced, professional and satisfied drivers are the heart of our business.


With us, all agreed deadlines have always been met.


We are available to clients day and night, 7 days a week.

Experience - our
biggest adv

The combination of American experience and European practice is a guarantee of high quality.

100% technically
correct vehicles

Our trucks, trailers and tanks at all times meet all prescribed standards.


You always win with us. Your goods are insured at all times (CMR).


Our clients are our priority, and their satisfaction is a measure of our success.

What do our drivers say about us

cloud9 logistic

The basis of our successful business are our drivers. In international transport, they are on the front battle line and the accuracy and quality of the service depends on them the most. That is why for all of us at Cloud 9, the primary task is for our drivers to always be satisfied and relieved of all unnecessary tasks, so that they can do what they do best - to drive.

cloud9 logistic "We really have a phenomenal team at Cloud 9. Everything is easier and faster when everyone does their part of the job to the maximum. " Dejan D.
cloud9 logistic "I have been in this business for 11 years and I have traveled every corner of Europe. I know how this work is done in other countries. That is why I can say that I am glad to be a part of a company that is organized on a world level. " Svetisav R.
cloud9 logistic "For the driver specialized in international transport, the most important thing is that the truck is reliable and technically correct, and that the goods and accompanying documentation are in accordance with all the rules. Cloud 9 allows me to do all that and much more. I am pleased." Stanko S.

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cloud9 logistic

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cloud9 logistic