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cloud9 logistic

At Cloud 9 we understand the importance of the role that transportation industry plays in the economy, both local and global. That is why we decided to use our experience and knowledge gained in the USA and raise the quality of services, both in domestic and international transport, to a significantly higher level.

We specialize in all types of bulk liquid food products as well as full load transportation, serving both domestic and international market.

We transport liquid and bulk food in tanks as well as complete commercial loads, offering to our clients the most efficient, safest, fast and flexible solutions.

The experience and professionalism of our team are a guarantee of a high standard of service.

Cloud 9 turns the American dream into a European reality.

We have built our reputation where the demands of modern business are greatest, in the United States market. Cloud 9 has been present for decades in the transportation of goods in the United States, under the name Cloud 9 Dispatch.

We now operate in Serbia as well, but we still firmly believe that top quality has no alternative.

cloud9 logistic

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cloud9 logistic